War in the Garden


Early in the year, some peas I did sow.
In a nice straight row.
I did think their comming up a bit slow
It was because they could not possibly grow

So I needed to sow the peas twice.
The first lot were eaten by mice.
To stop these creachers, I required advice.
Could I feed them poisoned rice?

Now what could I do about that?
Maybe make friends with the cat:
Pussy would be contented and fat
If daily, had a big fat mouse or rat

Then from out of the sky.
Came swarms of aphids, very sly.
To make my broad beans die.
It is enough to make one cry.

Many ideas, one can try.
Including a heavy foot, to apply.
On pesticides, I do not rely.
Therefore need help from friends that fly.

About how to encourage ladybirds.
This is really not that absurd.
Ways to attract them, have been observed.
But from an expert, I will need a word.

Clearly, it must be said.
How to protect a veg, or flower bed.
Slugs and snails, make me see red.
And so quickly, wish them dead.

At the kitchen gardens battle front.
Dig the soil, and for pests do hunt.
Will try almost any stunt.
Our bug bears, appetite to blunt

Do not have much of a natural flair
On how to persistant pigeons scare.
Although it is not very fair.
For them,from a high tree, to sit and stare

Alan Morris Sprowston Poet