The Modern Highwayman

We do not have highwaymen in the highway code

Because they are no longer on the road

But your money, they still erode

They do it while still at your abode


You will not be held up with a blunderbuss

However , you could get into a real bad mess

This must not be allowed to be a guess

A problem we badly need to address


An invention of the modern era, is the super highway

Where much time can quickly get away

Be careful not to stray

Into an area what leads to affray


One should be aware of what is online

And watch out for the sign

Maybe somebody will take that which is mine

Can one get a warning on the grape vine


Thus a serious problem, a todays curse

Still their aims to empty your purse

On the telephone, they will converse

A situation, we must put in reverse


Now you can get an elaborate spiel

To get you to your card number reveal

So that they can, your money they steal

Shattered nerves, can take a long time to heal


The person, that was speaking, had the gall

Scamming was the reason for the call

For which he thought, I would fall

Giving my card number was just protocal


Reqired to my card number evaluate

That the information was up to date

Can you hurry up, Its getting late

Also implies that I was his mate


Then a journey to the local bank

To the manager, must be quite frank

Did not divulge vital information to the crank

For which, the lucky stars, I must thank


Written by Alan Morris