Going potty

Sown lots of seed spinach , meteor peas,carrots rondo little round types , broad beans dwarf type into large pots also planted out some lettuce Artic Queen our french beans. are nearly bearing a crop all looking well potatoes planted for Christmas have been topped up with compost they always look straggly in the glasshouse but potatoes are forming these are the variety Charlotte

Lettuce planted
French beans in pots
French beans

Redstart is happy sticking around finding lots of bugs on the roses

She did look a little confused with our garden but is finding plenty to eat as we don’t spray, relied on our predators this year and our traps for codling moth and tortrix for the fruit trees not saying we got our pest regime down to a suitable level we had ending up cutting our fruit before eating but now is the time to replace the banding around all our fruit trees for winter moth

Goodgym visit this evening

A lot done tonight a real mixture finished all the planks for the horticulture club also painted a plant stand for selling our plants cleared some sycamore saplings from the shrub borders and cleared some beds at the front of the hub lowering some of the shrubs away from the security lights we did some large pot lasagne planting tulips on the bottom next layer daffodils then a layer of hyacinths and the top layer crocuses we will put some pansies in the top layer we also built two planters out of pallets these will be painted lined with fabric and planted up

Planting bulbs

We have planted out our hyacinths and some of our tete a tete daffodils into pots for sale at Christmas the hyacinths are treated so hopefully will flower then they have been placed in our frames and sunk in compost to keep in the dark to help force them further

Painting the show stands for old Catton horticulture club
End of the evening hard work getting ready for photo take