Sowing perennials for next year flowering

Hollyhocks verbascum pansy viola Sweet William to name just a few all hardy perennials don’t water from above give them a good soak from below for seed trays make sure you label labels made from milk cartons plastic use a permanent marker pen such as sharpie they last longer the best is the printer type on plastic these will last a life time but for very short turn labels just use card and these can be composted.

Allotment 36

Sown some cabbage in a seed bed January King and Early Durham a spring cabbage also some lettuce All the year round variety harvesting french beans,peas,potatoes ,courgette,spinach,beetroot,onions,shallots ,black currant,redcurrants ,tayberries, blueberries. Raspberries My strawberries and asparagus have finished

I will scrub the strawberry bed soon as the plants have finished fruiting there are still a few fruits left these are now 4 years old and not looking very good so will plant a new bed in different ground under the fruit cage will swap the summer raspberries around so these will go where the strawberries are will put some sand in the soil for the strawberries this will reduce slug activity in the ground the sand is placed in strips along the rows spade depth