Gardeners help Climate change

Gardeners help with Climate change
We are already doing a lot for the Global Climate
how you may ask?
Everything is local, we harvest without masses of packaging ,no food miles involved, we do lots of re-cyling ie plastic pots are used numerous times buying plants in recyclable containers Cardboard cells can be composted ie egg cartons after use, paper pots planted with the grown seedling straight out into the soil or compost.
Composting and dug into ground, reducing a huge ammount of carbon we also plant lots of plants, trees and shrubs, which also helps in a big way, Plants take carbon from the atmosphere also with composting our own we reduce landfill, council collections and burning, Reduce fossil fuel in their collection.
Plant a tree the best carbon reducer going.even small trees for the garden are a bonus
By digging in compost we help the water retention in the soil , it all helps, our kitchen waste, animal manures also reduces our need to put on artificial fertilizers. Also then improving the soil, less erosion, reduce flooding.
Could take it further using a lawn mower, battery powered, charging from solar panels or the old push mower for small lawns.
Reduce the quanities of chemicals we are using helping us sustain the bee and beneficial insect population excess nitrogen gives us problems in the rivers with algal blooms forming, killing water invertabrates and then the food chain,
Metaldehyde slug pellets are now banned this had to be removed from our drinking water in the past
Use of water butts to collect rainwater far better for the plants Building a garden pond also will bring life to the garden, it does not need to be very big a sunken barrel into the ground shallow with gravel put in base is ideal and needs a board so hedgehogs can climb out if trapped, birds will use this to bath in .
Mike Ellard Aslake Community Glasshouse Growers

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