Garden Jobs for January

Garden Jobs for January
Gardening in January is getting out on those rare nice days, but the garden can still be showy with seed heads, trees with different barks and coloured stems and shapes in different foilage .
Its time for your prepared bulbs in pots to bloom bringing them into to the house to flower they will however need watering but careful water then let them dry and try to keep them in cooler rooms to last longer
Now the time to plant bare root trees Roses come to mind as well as fruit trees and bushes ideal for the small garden is blueberries, figs, Pears on dwarf rootstock like quince C, grapes, redcurrants and white currants.
For some fresh why not try microgreens on the window cill ,not just mustard or cress why not coriander, beetroot, rocket or pea shoots.
Rhubarb will probably be your first crop for the season after a good cold spell in January cover a crown over with dry straw and put a large upturned bucket over the top, weigh down with a brick this will encourage pale tender stems , check occasionally for slugs and also any rotting were ventilation will help stop this. Also an ideal time to plant new stock Fulton’s strawberry surprise RHS Award garden merit .
Start ordering your seeds and potato seed
Dig over vacant ground applying compost and manure as you go
Fruit tree pruning and cut down autumn raspberries
Apple trees and Pears as free standing are best pruned every year removing congested branches aim to create an open goblet shape, if not pruned become less productive. cut out the three D,s dead, dying and diseased wood and also crossing as they will rub against each other but onlry remove up to a third if more the tree will go into to much growth and no fruit.
Helping Queen bees you might come across a struggling bee put her in a cool, dry place to continue her hibernation you might need to give her a some sugar solution to help her boost reserves.
Don’t forget the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch in ,January feed the birds and put a bell on your cat.

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