Garden jobs in November

Garden jobs for November
Its realy the beginning of the growing calender as we are already thinking of plants cropping next year
Its time to plant tulips and hyacinths in the garden or your display pots these look great if a collection of pots together are adopted try to keep scented varieties closer to the house Its been wonderful entering our glasshouses with scent from late flowering allysum which is just by the door
Hardwood cuttings can be taken now, it covers quite a range and good to increase for presents to give away next year fruit like blackcurrants,redcurrants Gooseberries and the rairer Whitecurrant which has the most vitamens of all of them, their thats a suprise. Dogwoods, spireas, eunomous, buddlias, rosemary.hydrangeas and lavender just to name a few these can be pushed into a cutting trench with sharp sand at the base to help with drainage in a sheltered spot
Divide perennials like asters, sedums, delphiniums, solidago and pinks but there is lots more can be done this way
Repot and bring in tender plants ie house plants ,Cannas, Dahlias
Finish all bulb planting by the end of the month
Plant Garlic, Spring Cabbage, Shallots and sow over wintering Broad Beans these will crop a month earlier than your Spring sown Shelter can sow Peas Meteor variety really quite hardy but mice might be problem when they start germinating
Clear away tops of Asparagus fronds and remove lower leaves on Brussel Sprouts and tidy any cabbage leaves near the ground surface this will stop slugs and snails hidding
Sweet peas can be sown nick the hard seed coat to aid germination sow five seeds per 1 litre pot or individually in deep root trainer pots with multi compost water and place in a warm spot to germinate then move to a cold frame for the winter
Lawns raise the blades and its good to rake out the thatch or scarrify
Start digging all vacant ground unless you are doing a no dig when its a good mulch instead with manure and any other organic material.
A new trend thought, leave some brassicas in the ground they will give yeilds although not prolific for a number of years, they will go to seed but this attracks pollinators onto your plot like purple sprouting, Chard, Kales after they flower remove the stalks and harvest the new growth of leaves as a harvest . it looks rather messy though. The comments from your neibours or allotmenteers, might be, are you giving up.
Mulch your Asparagus and Rhubarb beds as these are early crops and will need the nutrients ready for their emergance.
If you have raised cuttings and plants we at Aslake Community Growers would be glad of them .This will help us raise a larger stock of plants
IDEA Magnetised water increases flower size, a magnetic field creates smaller clusters of water molecules allowing easier entry into cells off plants and also stimulates the plants electrical and nervous system to help sap rise By PLANTSURGE
Effects of magnets on water making water softer
PLant of the Month
Plant great for small gardens Prunus Amanogawa its an upright fastigate habit ,which is straight up why didnt I say that in the first place. Perfumed pink double flowers smothered in the late spring and the orange leaves in the autumn makes the ideal focal point Height 8 metres spread 5metres plant Nov till April buy as a bare root tree a lot cheaper.