Garden jobs for October

Gardening Jobs October
Its starting to look autumnal already as most trees are shedding leaves due to the drought acorns are tiny and these are already on the ground
Its a busy time harvesting and storing fruit and vegetables with potatoes and root crops leave the soil on in storage they keep much better than washed once cleared digging the plot over spread manure or compost over the surface or sow a green manure crop on your vacant ground
Collect fallen leaves for leaf mould and compost your vegetable tops
Sow winter lettuce also start mini veg on the window cill mustard cress etc
Plant up spring cabbage will need protection from birds
Cut down Asparagus and Jerusalem artichoke tops these also will compost but chop up fine if possible
Pull up tomato plants and hang upside down to ripen the remaining, fruit green tomatoes for your chutneys
Bring in tender plants undercover before its too cold geraniums, fuchsias.
Top up your potatoes for Christmas and keep these watered
Plant up new Strawberry beds these will not be large croppers on their first year so always plant extra if space allows
Clear all your tubs and window boxes of summer bedding and plant up with winter and spring flowers Hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, polyanthus, forget me nots, viola, pansies, wallflowers, sweet williams, just to name a few. such as hemerocallis, sedums prise apart with two forks back to back or more drastic cut up with a spade discard the cente of the plant get bits with some leaf and roots
Tender perennials such as fuchsia salvia petunias chrysanthemums verbena and balopa can be propagated by cuttings put plants in a propagator somewhere warm to root and you will have extra plants for yourselves but also to give to neighbours.
Broad beans can be sown this month to overide the winter also Garlic Shallot bulbs are ready to be planted.
Plant garlic a good depth 50mm deep The idea to make green growth in the winter and then grows the bulb in the spring this will give you the garlic cloves if planted in the Spring they dont have time to form and will end up a single bulb