Jobs in the garden for September

Garden jobs for September
We used to think September was putting the garden to rest awaiting the first frosts, how this has changed we are still thinking of sowing vegetables outside flower seed beds for wallflower sweet williams and holyhocks to just name a few.
The glasshouses should be full of tender crops tomatoes peppers aubergines chillies cucumbers should all be cropping well our freezers are beginning to fill up with the excess of crops Im still useing my first early potatoes and having planted potatoes and french beans to crop for Christmas but its always nice to have young vegetables on the plate
At the end of this month start lifting main crop potatoes if left to long slugs and wireworm start to invade your crop store in hessian or paper bags ommitting the light as they will turn green beware of potato seed cases these are not edible but poisonous if eaten
sow winter lettuce, cabbage for spring, cauliflower.
PLant out spring cabbage, protect from pidgeons
Earth up leeks and celeryas protection agaist wind rock
Sow winter pansies for spring flowering now
Plant spring bulbs if you have lifted daffodiles to dry earlier these will need planting there are many types of dafodiles earliest February Gold single stem variety plant in groups odd numbers always look best. also think crocus grape hyacinths and scilla Iris reticulata is also early feb flowering
Anenome blanda blue and white flowers plant generously to give a good show these are never evasive drop some winter aconites with them to give you a good show
Bulbs are also good for shaded areas snowdrops crocus leucojum chinodoxa lily of the valley the later good to put into a pot to bring indoors for their wonderful scent
In our isolation a pond has brought us a place to check, there seems something different every day, but it does need filling a lot with watering cans from our water butts but we now have a resident frog and pops up accationally, its certainly well hidden. We have hedgehogs comming into the garden for a drink leaving there calling cards on the lawn.
Prune rambler roses, cut out the old flower stem and tie in the new growths.
Gather fallen leaves and place in a bin liner makes some holes in the bottom of the bag for drainage this will be ideal after a year once rooted down to add to your compost.
700 g cherry tomatoes, 3 garlic cloves chopped fine, 2 tbsp olive oil ,1 tbsp balsamic vinegar stir all together in a tray for the oven, cover with foil and put in oven 180c fan 160c for a good 40 minutes until the tomatoes have started splitting and caramellised you can push through a sieve but i like the mixture on toast as it is , you can grate cheese also on top Wonderful snack will also keep in fridge till needed or freeze .
Grow more of your own food ,tends to get eaten soon after picking ,this will contain far more good vitamins and minerals .
Miichael Ellard