Walk in the countryside

We walked a little further today found a field of potatoes not long planted are these the small potatoes passing themselves off as new potatoes for early next year demanding a higher price I wonder public can’t tell if it’s new potatoes or last years small potatoes not very well marked up in supermarkets also found a livery wild flower field some lovely flowers and have to get a book out to find out what they are as not good at identifying wild flowers or trees I have an app on the phone that’s supposed to help but again it’s rubbish it has less idea than me. The church had ribbons for the N H S which was nice it would be better if colours of the rainbow but a talking point just the same also went to allotment 36 we picked our first outdoor strawberries today also broad beans which we had for dinner and the freezer and guess what at Aslake Glasshouses we have a hedgehog with young making a lot of noise as I’m sitting here typing this they sound like pigeon calls this will help our slug control in the glasshouse I hope . All the best to everyone and keep your chin up or in our part of the world pecker up