Gardening Jobs in May

Gardening Jobs in May
Stay out of harms way and keep in the garden its the month for all jobs in the garden, relaxing is not an option.Its the year for houseplants and have struck a cord with the younger gardener
When you breath your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide plants do this in reverse adding plants to interior spaces are a natural partner, plants also remove toxins from the air like formaldehyde in rugs vinyl, cigarette smoke and grocery bags other chemicals like benzene and trichloroethylene in man made fibres, inks, solvents and paint.
Sowing seeds can help relieve stress flowers, vegetables and herbs . as the outside is important feed the birds we always say they dont need feeding now but they do bring something to watch I have a lot of blackbirds and they are always bickering between themselves sometimes it escalates and they self distance.
If you have a lots of plants in pots join them in groups this makes easier watering but a good mixture together hides most of the pots and they become a bed of plants instead.
The forsythia as it finishes flowering will want the old flower stems removed
Make up a hanging basket if you have no plants wy not sow some seeds in it they actually make good seed sowing areas and they are away from slugs
Plant out violas and pansies
Keep a good eye out for greenfly on roses and also lupins not on the outside look into the middle of the plants garlic sprays or heavy soap spray should control these
Blueberries are notorious for scale insect these can be rubbed off with your fingers
Sow sweet corn, runner beans marrows courgettes, under protection
Outdoor sowings Peas, french beans, beetroot, radish. lettuce, Spring onions, koyl rabi , Peas will need staking to climb up.
Early potatoes will want earthing up and still time to plant your main crop potatoes
Sow leeks in a seed bed outside these can then be planted where your earlies potatoes are as you crop them
My new vegetable this year is a Pea called Parsley its a heritage vasriety but it has edible tendrils so makes two crops from one vegetable
Asparagus has started cropping
Strawberries are in green fruit stage in the glasshouse and outside are in full flower gooseberries are also forming this year will be good for mildew after the rains also gooseberry sawfly caterpillars as we have had a mild winter
Did you know
Norfolk apple variety Dutch Mignonne 1771 introduced to the UK by Thomas Harvey of Catton , nr Norwich, probably from Holland ,A popular Victorian garden apple, a medium sized dull green skinned apple with a little russeting and orange flush, not unlike a Blenheim Orange in flavour , Cooks to a stiff Puree picked in Oct keeping quality Nov to Mar and we have it in our Norfolk Heritage Orchard in Sprowston.
Mike Ellard