Gardening jobs for April

Gardening Jobs in April
The lengthening days make a perfect time for the summer months ahead.
Plant Dahlias old stock in glasshouse and shed that has been nicely dried off or new tubers from garden centre they will start to produce shoots in April discard any rotted material Dig a good size planting hole make sure the shoots are proud of the hole. gently pour coarse sand around tubers prevents them rotting and also slug damage. when back filled put also a ring of coarse sand around the plant and label with variety,
Sow courgettes they are grown more now for the flower than the root. dont see flowers in the supermarket yet. varieties vary a great deal. striped, spherical .golden yellow, dark green to almost black and of coarse white.
Lawns need TLC. rake loose moss, aerate lawn with fork 3 to 4″ ideal depth and 6″ apart. sprinkle sand and brush into holes,tidy edges and cut edges next to borders to stop grass invading the borders
Its potato planting time earlies first space earlies foot apart 300mm and 15 to 24″ apart in rows and 6inches deep in a sunny position Main crop later part of the month
Sow outdoors peas,broadbeans.cauli.cabbage.sprouts.beetroot.onions.spinach.parsnips. chicory
Under Glass courgettes.runner beans.melons.marrows cucumbers, tomatoes.
Start staking taller perennials ie delphiniums, foxgloves and hollyhocks , Plant up hanging baskets choose long lasting plants for a good show Verbenas, Begonias and Agyranthemums one colour is more dramatic with the colour,
Deadhead daffodiles but leave the leaves alone. a lot have not flowered this year. leave were they are they will build strength up for next year to flower
We are all familier with lovely colours of Camellia Japonica but are unaware that the tea we drink is in fact dried leaves of Camelia sinensis can be grown easily in the UK it also has an attractive scent white flowers in the autumn.How about producing some tea yourself ,Pick the young leaves and slowly dry in a warm oven and put in a blender to cut up small then ready for the pot
A Garden thats PURRfect Cats are having a hard time in gardens due to the various foreign plant we buy. plants to avoid cats are careful which plants they eat but kittens have to learn, Alliums. Amaryllis. crocuses. hyacinths . daffodiles. cyclamen. pointsettias and rhododendrons are just a few which are poisonous.
How to stop the garden hose wondering around the garden, put a garden fork in the ground even if it has a tine missing its useful, thread the hose through this can help pulling your hose around corners to water your beds.
Plant sweet peas for cut flowers for the house the older varieties still have their scent but the blooms will be smaller Staking is important and there are also dwarf size which only grow to 18″ in height ideal for pots on the patio or hanging baskets.Its still one of the most popular cottage garden plants trained onto a wigwam shaped support .Seeds need to soaked twenty four hours before planting or you can use your nail clippers to nick the seed coat .
Rock Hard labels choose some flat stones paint one side with white paint let dry then put the name of your plant with a graphite pencil on the white paint put the stone near your plant with the painted side down this will reduce the plastic labels in your garden
Rose fertiliser keep your skins from onions 4 onions dunk into a litre of water cover with lid keep for a day pour off the liquid into another container pour liquid around the base of your rose plant benefits are surprising a lot like, calcium,magnesium,Iron, potassium, anti-fungal and antibacterial.
Mike Ellard