Garden Jobs for March

Gardening jobs for March
Its the busy month sowing nearly everything for the glasshouse and seed beds for outside Broad beans and shallots Can sow early peas like Meteor sow onion seed in March /April to give good supplies for the home less likely to bolt opposed to sets
If you covered your Rhubarb in February it will take about three weeks for your harvest with a layer of straw then a plastic bin over the top to exclude the light, yes some varieties respond better to this Timperley early and Champagne giving you nice pink shoots to harvest
Hellebores are a lovely start to the year but if the leaves are showing signs of black distorted leaves this is called black death sadly a virus coming from an early attack of aphid there is no cure all you can do is destroy the plants affected. this is on the increase for the last two years and Brexit wont help, as this stems from Europe ,
Plant summer flower bulbs Gladiolus, Dahlias and lilies for colour over a long period Begonias ideal for the hanging basket Its trendy to stick to one colour salmon and red are the hard fast rule
Window cill gardening sow rocket, mustard and cress ideal to top up your salads also as a micro herb to garnish the main meal with extra nutrients
Prune roses now cuts should be on a diagonal away from yje bud cut out poor growth and saw away very old stems with the exception of climbers and newly planted these to be left alone
Clematis cut back time Group 2 and 3 the big flower types that appear in mid summer these only need a light prune the ones flower in the late summer and autumn these will need a hard prune if they flower before June dont prune
Top dress fruit trees with a slow growing fertiliser now fish bone and blood or a seaweed are perfect
If you are glasshouse growing chillies Aubergines Tomatoes are a must but now carrots beetrootor turnips can be sown for something different Peas Broad beans dwarf types ideal for pot growing Pot up some hanging baskets with cherry tomatoes for a good early crop and early variety of potatoes in plastic compost bags Charlotte variety are excellent although this is really a second early Rocket and Arran Pilot are also ideal and will give you even an earlier crop
Many plants in garden centres although having the label bee friendly are sprayed, have been sprayed with neonicontincids so they are not bee friendly please challenge them about this as its a practice that still continues
Roundup weedkiller the Glyphosate material is Ok but its the wetting agents and other chemicals that cause the problem, this is supposed to break down on soil contact this has been found in the garden pond water, killing all amphibians common frog numbers are being devastated by this contamination
I could go on and on
Mike Ellard

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