Garden Jobs for January

Garden Jobs in January

A lot of clearing and repairs, be it the veg garden or borders organise orders on seeds and plants now is the time to plant bare rooted plants ie Soft fruit, trees and roses.

Plant up your strawberry beds if the plants need renewing also move Rhubarb to newground to regevernate your plants

treat and repaint garden sheds, fencing and fruit cages

Clear up around garden cut down old growth on herbaceous plants can leave grasses till a couple of months as this helps hibernating animals if you are lucky enough to have hedgehogs but birds will also make use of this material to make nests

Sow now peas and broad beans for transplanting outdoors at a later date also sow onions , spinach ,lettuce like winter density or any othe hardeir lettuce variety, Lettuce sown in a cool porch or conservatory and under protection in the garden or allotment

Early carrots in large pots under protection the short stumpy varieties are best Paris Market is ideal

Bring bulbs for forcing into the house for added colour.

Collect and recycle tiolet rolls for plant sowing the longer rooted plants if you have a lot just flatten them to use at a later date they take up far less room Milk plastic cartons cut up to make plant labels use permanent ink to label plants as the rest i am afraid just fade to oblivion.Paper pots instead of plastic these save a job by planting straight into the ground but leave the top of the pot pocking at the top to deter slugs they sometimes glide around the edge and miss the plant all together.

Something new a tomato ideal for travelling and small children cherry sized fruitlets merged together just peel a segment off when needed, variety Reisestomato, get these from Garden Organics

Weed be gone 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups epsom salts, quarter of a cup frendly dish soap, mix thoroughly together and spray in the morning this is a contact weedkiller so avoid anything you wish to keep.

Sow sweet peas as soon as possible to make strong growth a deep soil pot like toilet roll ideal or a deep paper pot can be made sweet peas can be put into hanging baskets there are short versions look out for these as they also make great fillers for the borders

time now to winter prune Apples pears,late flowering clematis and its also good time for general tree overhauls check for dead or dying branches remove basil suckers inspect ties and stakes If you have tree work done and they chip ask if you can keep this as it makes ideal mulch material