Gardening jobs for December

Gardening Jobs in December

The best gifts gardeners like are the practical bits and pieces seed kits, tools, gloves but we gardeners are an awkward bunch as the winter months digs in when we want to dig out. Planning for Christmas kicks in ,decorations, tree etc.

Get the seed catalogues and have a good browse through, we either keep to our favourites or something new last year for me butternuts, cucamelons, yard long beans and peas where you dont just have peas but eat the tendrils as a second crop variety called Parsley an old heritage variety.Maybe it will be blue strawberries next year, Orange cauliflower variety Sunset,or Pepino (melon pear) in the glasshouse easier to grow than tomatoes and perennial.

Clear up fallen leaves and compost or put them in a black bin liner to rot down puncture the bag with fork tines to allow air to help the rotting process

House plants and seasonal plants will need extra care to flourish give them a cooler area in the house and sponge down foilage.

Mice are a real pest for crocuses they just love chewing the flowers off

Prepare your runner bean area by mulching with compost or manure

Clean glasshouse glass, pots and boxes for next year and examine all stored fruit and veg , sprout stalk in the shed needs water also the live Christmas tree.

Sow exhibition onions, sow indoors trays of micro greens , sweet peas can still be sown.

Make provisions to prevent the pond from freezing and outside taps

Plant up bare root top and bush fruit also new rose bushes.

Provide food and water for the birds in winter

Still take hardwood cuttings vines, cornus, willow buddleia and fig

Cold treatment for seeds to germinate more readily to break there dormancy ideal for fushsias, rudbeckias and lavender chilling can be done by leaving seeds in the fridge another method is to put in an ice cube which seems to give the best results, try a little experiment,

Winter prune apple and pears, gooseberries, established blueberries, remove a third of the old fruiting wood out of blackcurrants, winter prune grape vines outdoors and this should be completed before Christmas.

Michael Ellard