Jobs in the garden for September wrote:

Vegetable & fruit garden harvesting, maincrop potatoes this month don’t leave in the ground, slugs are the main problem also rats and mice like to nibble to get moisture

Lift spring planted or seed grown onions as ​these will need drying off and stringing for store.

Shallots are ready to pickle the supermarkets seem short of pickling vinegar this year

Watering is a must in this dry weather early in the morning is the best but late at in the evening not quite as good but helpful

Sow winter lettuce, Peas Meteor variety ,and black radish is a good cropper ,salad onions these will need fleece to cover later on. Winter cabbage can be sown now January King and savoy cabbage .

Plant up narcissus bulbs in pots for forcing and in the open garden, hyacinths can be potted and put in a cool place to help rooting but this can be left till next month

tender plants which have been outside, you may consider bringing indoors now as the mornings start getting their autumnal feel .

Hyacinth bulbs The middle of September is the latest to get them to flower in December these must be bought as prepared bulbs.

For winter pots don’t use water retention gel crystals for winter containers or hanging baskets use perlite to help open the compost up, so water is not held on too long.

Prune rambler roses tying in the new growth into the flowered stems spaces and prune any damaged and weak growth this may look drastic but in the spring will fill out again.

Keep deadheading flowers to keep them flowering

Start collecting fir cones for Christmas decorations, there I got in early.

Replace summer bedding and Plant up winter bedding and spring bulbs in containers ,borders for flowering continuation. Get your winter bedding in as quickly as you can so they can make good growth before the winter sets in.

Sow under protection, marigolds, hollyhocks, calendula winter violas, pansies, Aubrietia and Alpine Strawberries.

Prune out the old fruiting canes on the summer raspberries and tie in the new growth, burn or green waste shoots cut off , don’t leave near the fresh tied canes.

Just a few jobs to be going on with.