Garden Jobs for August

Garden jobs for August.

Dead heading is one priority to keep your flowers blooming, especially roses, you don’t want seed pods to form as the plant will stop producing flowers remove spent flowers from summer bedding

Pot on cinerarias, primulas for to flower in the winter

Stand house plants outside if its raining this will refresh the plant removing dust of leaves and will freshen the foliage

Water hydrangeas in dry weather they dont like and the leaves will tell you they are not happy.

Take cuttings of any shrub which you require fresh stock

Taking Semi ripe cuttings.

1 select non flowering stems placre your cutting straight into a bag so they dont dry out.

2 prepare your cutting by slicing with a sharp knife just below a pair of leaves and dip the cutting into some hormone compound , honey makes a good substitute and a lot cheaper.

3 compost use a multi purpose equal parts with sharp sand for drainage

4Insert your cuttings around the outside perimeter of the pot byt dont put cuttings in the middle this gives good air movement around cuttings

5 root your cutting somewhere warm and humid cover with a clear bag secure with an elastic band.

Good idea

Seal the hole in a small clay pot and place in the middle of a larger pot can be ( plastic or clay) put your compost between the larger pot and smaller pot, fill the small pot up with water, this will act as a reservoir for your propagation material around the edge in the compost. The water will slowly seep through the clay pot, ( avoid clay pots that have been painted or glazed).

Runner beans will need a good watering and pick over at least twice weekly remove all the larger beans dont allow them to go hard as they will stop growth a good weekly feed will help them continue their fast growth.

Pick courgettes small don’t allow them to become marrows you will never keep up with them Yellow courgettes do grow slower and have a thinner skin so is often preferred by chefs but its also the colour they give you on the plate.

Take root cuttings of mint to give you a winter supply of fresh leaves

Lavenders as soon as flowering has finished give a light trim don’t prune into the hard wood as they will die.

Sow foxgloves, Wall flowers, sweet Williams for next year these can be sown in a seed bed ,in a shaded part of the garden. This patch slugs love.

Lift shallots, garlic, onions for drying before storage

Can sow direct Autumn Onions variety Senshu is a good one to try these they will be ready next year usually a month before spring sown onions, these will not store and will need using up before the winter.

Potatoes are good this year generally making good size lifting second earlies now but leave the main crop varieties till next month to lift.

Mike Ellard