gardening jobs for June

Summer is here with no risk of frost but its lots of weeding and watering, Watering container plants and hanging baskets will already become a daily chore.

Strawberries are already ripening outdoors and will need protection from birds, refrain watering strawberries overhead as this increases diseases like botrytis (grey mould).

Keep sowing regular small amounts of salads and sow in the evening if the weather is to hot during the day and water with a fine rose not to splash the seeds out of the ground.

Plant out tender plants, stake runner beans and climbing beans, French, bollota also peas.

Remove the tops from early broad beans as the pods start setting to lessen the risk of blackfly as these can make the bean pods messy to pick.

Beware of hoeing between onions now, as the roots are now very shallow in the soil and they hate disturbance, hand weed instead.

Clear all Spring bedding to make way for summer, tubs, window boxes and other containers hanging baskets etc, heel in tulips, daffodils and polyanthus into the ground for planting out in the autumn.

Pot on cuttings as soon as they start rooting especially pelargoniums, geraniums and fuchsias.

Feed all house plants in full growth, liquid feeds are usually easier in the house.

Sweet peas will need tying to a stake remove tendrils if wanting long straight flowers as the tendrils will wrap around the flowers.

Sow herbs for the home any access consider freezing into ice cubes or chop up into freezer bags for later use, coriander, parsley and basil.

Take leaf cuttings of African violets , cape primrose and begonias, also take cuttings from hydrangeas, fuchsias, osteospernums, pelargoniums, margueritas, coleus and verbena to name a few.

Apply grease bands to young fruit trees to lower the risk of pest build up on tender growth,

This year pigeons have been eating leaves on the plum tree making the tops quite barren.

Keep an eye out for vine weevil they have had a good winter and a high population explosion.

Chelsea flower show was not much flowers but leaned more to the wilder garden to help bees and insects flourish, I did find the evasive garden helpful as our climate changes normal garden plants some will become more evasive in the wild , we all say that plant is hard to kill it spreads in my garden and have no difficulty growing it, would you like a piece to grow in your garden.

Michael Ellard