Gardening jobs in May

Weather watching is one sport that gardeners are good at , but good news for Norwich City football Club we are in the premier again

Having a good look around the garden and allotment we have plenty of greenfly about with a good scattering of ladybirds so reluctant to get the chemicals out I just give the aphis a hard time by watering with a coarse rose on the watering can which knocks them off the plants well were I can reach anyway.

The plums are setting their fruit, had lots of tortrix moth this year used Pheromone traps and also put out codling trap on the apple and pears and have hardly any.

Lawns need a little attention with moss and weeds, this certainly worked this year as it was watered in with the rain we had and a lot of spring tine racking to get rid of the dead moss

Forsythia has finished flowering and have been pruned to get rid of the old flowering stems, the shrub will make new growth for next years flowers to form on without the shrub becoming to high

Its time to sort out the summer hanging baskets some plants you can consider for a good display are Diascia, Lobelia, Cape Daisy, Calibrachoa, Begonia, Petunia upright or trailing, Tomatoes, Pelargoniums and Fuchsias but you could think of Clematis or sweet peas

Stake your taller flowers before they get tall then the foliage will cover the supports better

Keep sowing seeds in small batches, this will help keep your bare patches to the minimum in the garden and mulch plants to help retain moisture around them and nutrients for the plants to grow.

Pot plants stood outside, get rid of the feet that raises the pots off the ground and allow them to get moisture by capillary action with the contact to the surface, as pots stood up dry out far quicker.