Garden news

Built a pond a little bigger than the old one and less deep now the birds can use it to bath in and a hedgehog left his calling card just by the back door as I managed to step in so he might not be happy with the changes to the garden. Last weekend would have been our Spring Show which was cancelled and was worried that all the daffodils would be over this year we have plenty even the tulips are blossoming .

Need some plants
Cherry variety Stella

Aslake Glasshouse Growers

We had a delivery of fuchsias plants today so we potted on 80 plant we need to look after these for Old Catton horticultural club as these were for the members to grow on and then we have a day at a meeting to show how they progress but every thing on hold at present . Our potatoes in bags are looking good and we have pricked out our tomatoes in their growing positions cucumbers are also planted out

Fuchsias potted up variety Winston Churchill A hardy bush type
Potatoes variety Charlotte in plastic bags reverse bags so the black plastic is outside it will warm up quickly
Tomatoes planted in their positions
Cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets